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What is the Facebook Stars program?

As a Facebook group admin, I am always looking for tips and tricks to monetize in order for it to be financially feasible for me to continue serving my community.

Recently, I was “invited” by Facebook to join the Stars program. I figured, hey, if it’s another potential stream of revenue for what I am already doing, why not try it out?

(Though I honestly didn’t really understand what it was about! But I signed up anyway.)

I occasionally make reels – both in my group and on my personal profile – and I think this is why I was invited to join the Facebook Stars program.

(Reels are a short-form video format complete with music, audio, AR effects, and other options. You can watch reels from creators and/or make your own reels to share both on your personal profile, in groups, on pages, etc.)

Anyway, Facebook Stars allows you to monetize your video content on Facebook and get “tips” from your viewers in exchange for your content.

Your viewers buy the stars, and when you’re streaming on Facebook Live, or have posted a Facebook Reel they enjoy, they can send them to you.

Every time a viewer sends you a star, you earn one cent, so as a creator, every 100 Stars = $1.

Now, I know this might not seem like a lot of money – but if you are posting a lot of video anyway or if you frequently go live on Facebook, this could be a nice way for you to make some extra bucks.

Viewers of your content can also send you more than one star, and this can add up quickly if you have a big enough audience.


  • Currently you must be an admin of a Facebook page and have Facebook Creator Studio in place in order to sign up. (Both of these are free.) If you only have a Facebook group, you won’t be eligible. I recommend all group admins also have pages, though, so why not set one up? 
  • Your account must also have at least 1000 followers for 60 consecutive days.

How to sign up:

Once you have your Facebook page and Creator Studio set up, go to the Creator Studio page: business.facebook.com/creatorstudio/

In the menu, scroll down to Monetization and select Stars:

Facebook stars monetization tools

If you are eligible, you’ll be prompted to agree to terms and conditions, and then you’ll apply set your business up with Stars. 

Your application will be then reviewed and hopefully approved!


You’ll also need to set up a payout account (bank account paypal, etc.) for your earnings.

Once set up, you can start planning your first event!

Keep track of your Stars on your Creator Studio Dashboard

(Note: I just got approved so … no earnings yet!)

facebook stars program keep learning

View more information on the Facebook Stars program for Creators.

How much do Facebook stars cost?

Currently, 100 Facebook stars cost viewers $1.40. 

How viewers purchase and use Facebook stars

From the Facebook help center:

You can buy and send Stars to participating creators that feature a  next to Write a Comment… on their content.
You can also use a shortcut when commenting on Stars content. If you are watching content with Stars enabled:
  • Type (!) in the comments field.
  • Then enter the number of Stars you would like to send. (Example: Typing !50 would send the creator 50 stars.)
To buy Stars, go to a creator’s content:
  • Tap  next to Write a comment…
  • Your balance of Stars will be displayed in the top right.
  • Tap Buy Stars to purchase additional Stars.
  • Select the pack of Stars you’d like to buy (example: 250 Stars).
  • Follow the prompts from the App or Google Play Store.
  • Tap Done

View more information on purchasing Facebook Stars.


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