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Top tips for welcoming new members into your Facebook group

When I enter a new club, a new class, a new… group, I want to feel welcome.

Don’t you?

Officially (and regularly) welcoming your new group members is a great way to build camaraderie and engagement.

You can also add different calls to action like:

  • “Please introduce yourself and tell us a few things about you…”
  • “Sign up for my e-newsletter, freebie, etc. here…”
  • “Here are my advertising options…”
  • “Don’t forget the rules!”
  • etc.

If you haven’t welcomed your members in the past or you just want a refresher of new ideas, check out my top tips.

✅ These easy tips takes just a couple of minutes to implement and is an easy way to make new group members feel welcomed into your community and to let them know about any additional offerings you might have, such as a newsletter or advertising options.

Watch the video (less than 4 minutes!):

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