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How to allow Facebook business pages to join your Facebook group

Why would you want to allow a Facebook business page to join your Facebook group?

1. You might want to let a business check the group out so that they understand the value of your community, particularly if you monetize your group.

When a business gets to check out the group and maybe interact a little bit, they have the opportunity to see which of their ideal customers are in the group to see if they’re a good fit for the business… and if so, this might lead the business to advertise with you.

2. If you have advertising options and you monetize your group you want to generate FOMO.

Let them know what they’re missing out on  – meaning, of course, a bunch of customers!

3. If you do monetize your group and offer some sort of options where they can advertise with you, you want to make sure that you can let them in!

Don’t leave your advertisers out in the cold – let them in your group!

Worth noting:

Facebook business pages also see and can respond to membership questions .

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to change your settings so that people can join your Facebook group as a Facebook business page:

  1. Go to your group.
  2. Open up the side admin menu
  3. Scroll down to Settings > Group settings
  4. Click on Group settings
  5. Scroll down to Manage Membership
  6. Click on Who can join the group and edit
  7. Change it to Profiles and Pages
  8. Click Save.

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